Logan was born on November 10, 2010. Shortly after birth, he started having respiratory distress. He was quickly transported by Bay Flight to Tampa General Hospital for further care. At the hospital, Logan was kept on a breathing tube for 5 days and his hemoglobin was shockingly low at 5.5. He received a blood transfusion and a platelet transfusion. This was only a temporary solution.

Logan is required to receive blood transfusions once a month just to stay alive. However, receiving so many transfusions is hurting his organs, mostly his liver. Logan and his mother, Amanda, are constantly visiting with different doctors from here to Philadelphia in an effort to find a reason why Logan cannot produce red blood cells. This takes away from Amanda’s ability to work full time all the time.

Hands Across the Bay was so impacted by Logan’s story and since has hosted an annual blood drive and a “Be the Match” bone marrow test at the Gold & Diamond Source in support of Logan. With help from the community, Hands Across the Bay is able to give Logan credit for all the blood that is donated that day which is vital for his needs. Additionally, we have assisted with Christmas gifts and we raise funds that day to help pay for Logan’s doctors visits. Logan is a bright and cheerful little guy with an amazing mom and we will continue to support them.

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