Kindness Warrior Program

"every ripple of kindness we release into the world has the potential to create a large wave."

     Imagine the excitement a child would feel if they randomly found a kite at the playground or what if you showed up to do your laundry and the washer and dryer was already full of quarters for you? Random acts of kindness or RAOKS are meant to help or cheer up a stranger, for no reason other than to make them happier. Hands Across the Bay has a deep affection for helping others and making people smile, which is why we are committed to bringing joy to Tampa Bay through our random acts of kindness. We invite everyone to become a Kindness Warrior with us!

  • Put a smile on a child’s face by giving them a balloon for $1.
  • Spread love by giving a card and a flower for $5.
  • Spread joy by giving treats, toys, and cold water to dogs at the park for $25.
  • Make a child’s day by giving a basketball, football, soccerball and volleyball for $50.
  • Show kindness by giving dinner to a police station, fire station or give gifts to teachers at a nearby school for $100.
Random Acts of Kindness


Mackenzie 2019 Kindness Warrior of the Year

Kindness Warrior of the Year Award Winners

2016- Eric Jacobson
2017- Brooke Palmer Kuhl
2018-Eric Piburn
2019-Mackenzie Tyler
2020-Amanda Romero
2021-Martin Lacario

Congratulations Eric Jacobson for being our first recipient of the Hands Across the Bay Kindness Warrior of the Year Award! Eric took the initiative to join our team as a volunteer to spend his summer out and about in the community spreading love and completing Random Acts of Kindness. We are so proud of him! Thank you, Eric!

Kindness Warrior Award
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