Stabilize Families

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Hands Across the Bay is proud to accept referrals from local charitable organizations, hospital social workers, certified therapists and law enforcement agencies for individuals seeking assistance. 

Who is Eligible? 
  • Those who have experienced a crisis by no fault of their own such as Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, Sexual Assault, Unexpected Medical Illness, Car Accident, Unexpected Death of Spouse/Child, House Fire or Other Catastrophic Incident Reviewed on Case-by-Case Basis. 
  • Single mothers or single fathers who are working 
  • Chronically medically needy children 
  • Young adults who aged out of foster care 
  • Abused/neglected or abandoned children  
  • Underprivileged teenagers 

Everyday in our country a family is impacted by unpredictable circumstances, such as unexpected loss of employment, hardships, accidents, disabilities, crimes etc. Hands Across the Bay understands during these times of crisis families may feel lost, desperate, and confused. We step in and provide assistance to stabilize our families. Through our community partners, we have been able to provide previous families with the resources required to cover virtually every aspect of their needs. We also understand their needs extend further than money, which is why we are devoted to providing them one-on-one mentorship and guidance throughout their journey.

It is our goal to stabilize families in the Tampa Bay Area who are in crisis to no fault of their own. We view each dollar we spend as an investment to help a family that truly wants to get back on their own feet!

Julie Hugging McKenzie Zoomed in

what does "being in a crisis to no fault of your own" mean?

  • Every attempt has been made to gain employment and pay your own bills
  • You have done the necessary paperwork and filings and are receiving child support from fathers/mothers of your children
  • You have no history of drug or alcohol abuse
  • You have no criminal record of any kind
  • Upon review of your bank statements, there is no history of unnecessary spending habits that have led to repeated financial problems
  • There is no extended history of relying on charitable organizations to pay monthly expenses with no improvement
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