Williams Automotive Group Employee Assistance

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  • Application Statement: I have read and fully understand the questions asked in this application. I certify that all of the answers I have given are true, accurate, and complete. I unerstand that the omission and/or misrepresentation of any fact from or on this questionnaire will result in immediate rejection of my application. Unless I noted otherwise, I authorize Hands Across the Bay to contact all of my personal references and do a criminal background check. If assisted, I agree to abide by all rules and regulations of Hands Across the Bay. I understand and agree that nothing in this application shall constitute an offer, a contract, or a guarantee of assistance. I understand that any decision is contingent upon my successful completion of all of the Company's lawful pre-assistance checks, which may include a background check. I agree to execute any consent forms necessary for the Company to conduct its lawful pre-assistance checks. By signing below, I agree to all of the terms stated here.
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