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Our team members are happy to come and speak to your organization, company, church, school or club!

Our Founder, Julie Johnson-Weintraub, has had a long history in the Tampa Bay Area of Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship. She has been honored as the keynote speaker for countless corporations, business groups, and charitable events. She has spoken about the importance of a successful businesses having involvement with the community as she does with Gold & Diamond Source and Hands Across the Bay. Julie can also speak about her success in business, the determination and life of an entrepreneur, philanthropy and other various topics per request.

Our Director of Family Services, Melissa Dohme Hill, is a survivor of a brutal stabbing in 2012, where she was stabbed 32 times after leaving her abusive and jealous high school ex-boyfriend. Statistics show that 1 in 3 teens will experience some form of abuse while in high school. We are committed to providing high schools in the Tampa Bay area with anti-violence presentations. Silence is part of what allows the epidemic of domestic violence to continue destroying people’s lives. We speak throughout the community to educate, inspire, and raise awareness. Presenting the facts about teen dating and domestic violence along with sharing personal experiences lies at the core of our presentations.

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