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take a stand against domestic violence

What would Tampa Bay be like if we worked together to prevent major social issues from occurring before they began? Many current social issues are diminishing the quality of life in our community. Hands Across the Bay advocates against bullying, suicide, domestic violence, teen dating violence, animal abuse, and supports LGBTQ equality rights, as well as advocates for veterans suffering from PTSD. The purpose of our commitment is to increase public awareness and provide information that will prevent these issues from continuing to wreak havoc throughout our community. We firmly believe our collective efforts will move Tampa Bay forward and save lives.

Due to the increasing level of domestic violence in our community, Hands Across the Bay developed a Domestic Violence Division. We are devoted to positively impacting others through advocacy, awareness, education, empowerment, and prevention. Our goal is to transform a generation saturated with hate, violence, and crime into a generation infused with love, compassion, and peace.

Our Violence Prevention Advocate, Melissa, heads up our division. She is a survivor of a brutal stabbing in 2012, where she was stabbed 32 times after leaving her abusive and jealous high school ex-boyfriend. Statistics show that 1 in 3 teens will experience some form of abuse while in high school.

We are committed to providing high schools in the Tampa Bay area with anti-violence presentations. Silence is part of what allows the epidemic of domestic violence to continue destroying people’s lives. We speak throughout the community to educate, inspire, and raise awareness. Presenting the facts about teen dating and domestic violence along with sharing personal experiences lies at the core of our presentations.

Everyone deserves a healthy, non-violent, non-threatening and safe relationship. Abuse is typically a cycle all about GAINING AND MAINTAINING power & control over another person. See photos below to learn more about the Cycle of Abuse and the Power & Control Wheel.

You are worthy of real love! I promise you there is life after abuse. You must first love yourself before you can be loved by someone else. Be with someone who supports you, respects you, listens, and makes you feel safe. Love should never hurt. Love is not threatening, abusive, fearful, or intimidating. Break the silence, share your story, and never settle for less than you deserve.


Our Tampa Bay Area Certified Domestic Violence Centers can provide safe shelter, support groups, outreach services, legal advocacy assistance and more. For more information, please visit their websites.

If you feel you may be at risk, please read our Danger Assessment and Safety Plan below.

North Pinellas: The Haven of RCS
Hotline: 727-442-4128
Outreach: 727-441-2029

South Pinellas: CASA
Hotline: 727-895-4912

Hillsborough: The Spring of Tampa Bay
Hotline: 813-247-7233

Pasco County: Sunrise
Hotline: (352) 521-3120

National Resources

Highly trained advocates are available 24/7 to talk confidentially with anyone experiencing abuse, seeking resources, or questioning unhealthy aspects of their relationship.  NO fees, NO names, NO judgment, JUST HELP!

STATEWIDE Florida Domestic Violence Hotline
National Domestic Violence Hotline
National Dating Abuse Helpline (call)
National Dating Abuse Helpline (text)   

Text “loveis” to 22522

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