Danielle is the mother of three children, Ayden, Mackenzie, and Myla. Mackenzie was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at a very young age and is constantly in and out of the hospital. Because of this, it is necessary for Danielle to be at home to care for Mackenzie.

Often times having a child with an illness who requires a lot of attention puts a strain on the a relationship. When this occurred she and her children were left with nothing; no place to live, no furniture, no reliable transportation, no bank account. He agreed to pay $300 a month for child support but this would never be enough to support them. Hands Across the Bay was touched by Mackenzie’s story and we were thrilled to help.

To date we have assisted Danielle and her family with food, transportation for Ayden to attend school, Christmas gifts, school uniforms, utilities, after school care, & a family fun day where they could relax with no worries and just be kids. We also partnered with Rooms to Go to get her some new furniture. Since we stepped in Mackenzie has begun walking with braces on her legs and is doing much better; however, they will continue to need support throughout their journey.

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