Mackenzie is a beautiful and strong 13 year old girl who suffers from Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE) and Cerebral Palsy. EoE essentially means her esophagus has an allergic reaction to any food or drinks. Because of this, Mackenzie is fed through a tube and is only allowed one lollipop per day. Throughout her life, she has been continuously in and out of the hospital and undergone more than 70 surgeries to date. Her mom, Danielle, has become Mackenzie’s full time caretaker which has made her unable to support her family through outside work.

Many times when a couple has a child with an illness that will require a lot of attention, it is known to cause strains among the parents. Due to Mackenzies condition, the stressors were too extreme for her parents to handle as a team. Danielle along with her 3 children were forced to start over; no place to live, no furniture, no reliable transportation, no bank account. While the father agreed to pay $300 a month in child support, cost of living and increased medical bills proved to mount up faster than could be feasibly managed. Hands Across the Bay was touched by their story and got involved.

We met little Mackenzie and have watched her grow up to be an amazing young girl. We have assisted Danielle and her family with groceries, gas, utilities, Christmas gifts, transportation for her son to help with hospital visits and attending school, and most importantly Mackenzie with a job at Hands Across the Bay as a #KindnessWarrior.

Being a #KindnessWarrior, Mackenzie has found her purpose. While being in school, Mackenzie was bullied for her disabilities and fell into a depression. Once she began working here, her spirits were lifted and she is now full of joy bringing people happiness in anyway she can. She helps our team with Random Acts of Kindness in our local community and always brightens our day! However, she still is in and out of the hospital and has more surgeries ahead. Please keep Mackenzie in your thoughts and prayers!
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