Xavier was born five weeks prematurely by emergency C-Section. During that procedure, his heart stopped beating, but doctors got his heart going again and Mom and Xavier were fine. After birth, he was diagnosed with congenital heart defects, Tetralogy of Fallot, IUGR, IDM, Holosystolic Murmur, and Hypospadias.

Two months after his birth, Xavier was rushed to All Children’s Hospital to have open-heart surgery. The surgery went well, but that night, Xavier went into Acute Cardiac Arrest and his lungs collapsed. Nothing would work on him except mouth-to-mouth which was performed for over eleven minutes before Xavier started breathing again. His condition was so severe he had to stay in the hospital for a month. 
Xavier’s grandparents, Sue and Steve, gained legal guardianship of him due to his mother’s inability to care for him. They were not expecting this and were definitely not prepared. Hands Across the Bay was more than happy to step in and support them. We did so by purchasing necessary items to care for him such as, bottles, wipes and diapers. We also paid an electric bill that they were behind on due to spending a ton of money on gas to travel and see him. Additionally, we assisted in helping them receive new tires for their vehicle through our partner Rent and Roll.  

“Hands Across the Bay has been a blessing to our family.” – Sue

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