Audrey’s Story

We first heard about Audrey’s story in 2009 as we were just launching Hands Across the Bay. We immediately took on her cause and made the commitment to support her in any way we could. She had been brutally attacked by her estranged husband and would require a lot of help from the community to recover and rebuild her life successfully. He had bludgeoned her with a hammer, attempted to rape her, and set her on fire in the home they once shared. 
She sustained burns over 80% of her body and spent 3 months in the hospital with 6 weeks of that being in a coma. She physically couldn’t work, didn’t have a vehicle, or a place to live. We started by raising funds for her, getting her a vehicle, and getting her furniture from our partner Rooms to Go. After a minor mishap, we then partnered with Scott Fink and Hyuandai of New Port Richey to get Audrey in a brand new car so she would have transportation to continue her college education. 
Over the course of the next four years, we assisted her with many other necessities. Audrey says all of our support was much needed and a blessing, but what meant the most to her was our constant mentoring, encouragement, and friendship. As you can imagine it took time to completely recover, but we knew from the very beginning she would prevail. 
Audrey was so inspired by how much Hands Across the Bay and the community wanted to be there to make a difference in her life that helping others would eventually become her career. Audrey graduated in 2015 with her associates degree. We couldn’t be more proud!
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