Application for Stabilization

** Please read BEFORE submitting request **

While Hands Across the Bay was founded to provide as much help to families as we can, we are only a team of 3 and receive no government funding. We work very hard to raise the funds that we have to help our Hands Across the Bay families. Many times, that help isn’t always financial and requires us to volunteer our time. 

That being said, we cannot help every family that is in need. Our goal is to try and help as many families in the Tampa Bay Area as we can who are in crisis to no fault of their own. We view each dollar we spend as an investment to help a family that truly wants to get back on their own feet! Many times this means we end up helping the families with MUCH more than they ask for in hopes to give them the independence that they hope to obtain making a much more impactful difference in our community. We are not an organization that will pay one bill this month just to get you through the month. We want to help stabilize your family so there is no need in the future for assistance from ANY charitable organization.

What does "being in crisis to no fault of your own" mean?

  • Every attempt has been made to gain employment and pay your own bills
  • You have done the necessary paperwork and filings and are receiving child support from fathers/mothers of your children
  • You have no history of drug or alcohol abuse
  • You have no criminal record of any kind
  • Upon review of your bank statements, there is no history of unnecessary spending habits that have led to repeated financial problems
  • There is no extended history of relying on charitable organizations to pay monthly expenses with no improvement 

Please note that Hands Across the Bay CANNOT help with:

  • Rent or Mortgage Payments
  • Legal Assistance
  • Medical Bills
  • Student Loans
  • Bail Money
  • Major Car or Home Repairs
  • All other requests are taken on a case by case basis

What we can help with IF approved:

  • Food
  • Gas
  • School Supplies
  • Clothing
  • Utility Payments
  • Needs for children
  • Holiday Gifts
  • Help with items for family rebuilding their home (kitchen supplies, bedroom necessities, furniture, etc.)
  • Help with items needed for disadvantaged kids to participate in school activities
  • Other various things required to help a family succeed and prosper

If you feel that you would still qualify and that our team can help you get back on your feet, please submit an Application for Stabilization below.

Please note, Hands Across the Bay will require you to submit necessary documentation supporting your application for assistance. Documents can include but are not limited to: a photo ID for all adults in the household, bank statements, pay stubs, police reports, medical records, etc.

As of January 1, 2019, Hands Across the Bay requires all applicants to submit a budget form for review before any financial assistance can be provided. A well balanced budget is key to staying financially stable.

You will NOT be contacted by a member of our team until all documents are submitted and budget form is complete.

All documents can be submitted to

Application for Stabilization
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