Agency Referral Application

***Hands Across the Bay’s Referral Application is currently closed for our Annual Back to School Program. If you are in need of school supply assistance for your children, please visit the Back to School Page Here! *** 

The Referral Application will be back open in August 2024. During this time, ALL Law Enforcement Agencies can submit a Pick- Up Request for our Donation & Empowerment Center by submitting an Application Here! 

Please call 2-1-1 and visit for additional local resources.  

This application is for Julie Weintraub’s Hands Across the Bay Nonprofit partner organizations, Law Enforcement Agencies and other NGO’s who would like to refer an individual in need of assistance. Please read below to see if your referral qualifies, then submit the application provided for processing.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Hands Across the Bay helps hardworking families who are in crisis situations to no fault of their own. Referrals must be submitted through an agency/organization. If you are not a partner and would like to be one, please apply here: For any direct questions about the referral process or Hands Across the Bay, please email:

Who is Eligible? 
  • Individuals who have experienced a crisis by no fault of their own such as Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, Sexual Assault, Unexpected Medical Illness, Car Accident, Unexpected Death of Spouse/Child, House Fire or Other Catastrophic Incident Reviewed on Case-by-Case Basis. 
  • Single mothers or single fathers who are working 
  • Chronically medically needy children 
  • Young adults who aged out of foster care 
  • Abused/neglected or abandoned children  
  • Underprivileged teenagers 
Guidelines of Eligibility: 
  • Every attempt has been made to gain employment and pay bills 
  • Have done the necessary paperwork/filing to receive child support from father or mother of child 
  • NO history of drug or alcohol abuse 
  • NO criminal record of any kind, and able to pass background check 
  • NO extended history of relying on charitable organizations to pay monthly expenses with no improvement 
Examples of Assistance if approved: 
  • Grocery gift cards 
  • Gas gift cards 
  • Household Items including kitchen supplies, furniture, hygiene items, Comforters/sheets 
  • Clothing items 
  • School Supplies 
  • Children needs 
  • Utility payments 
  • Holiday Assistance 
  • Help with items for disadvantaged kids to participate in school activities 
  • Other various things required to help a family succeed and prosper 
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