NEW Car Donated for Survivor, Audrey Mabrey!

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NEW Car Donated for Survivor, Audrey Mabrey!


Updates from Julie:

“Thanks to Scott Fink, of Hyundai of New Port Richey who helped Julie Weintraub’s ‘Hand Across the Bay’ provide Audrey Mabrey transportation with a brand new 2010 Hyundai! …Watch Fox 13 or 10 Connects and see Audrey’s reaction…and of course ‘Good Life Tampa Bay’ will have a video soon.”-Julie Weintraub

“One of the best parts of yesterday was seeing Scott F’s employees (machanics to sales staff) watch so proudly this unfold. Ur employee’s will remember as they work for u what kind of company they work for!:)” Julie Weintraub

News Story:

New Port Richey, Florida – This is the first glimpse of Audrey Mabrey a year and a half after her husband changed her face forever.

It was back in November of 2009, when Audrey and her husband Chris were inside their Apollo Beach home. Deputies say they had a fight and Chris hit Audrey in the head with a hammer, then set her on fire.

Somehow, Audrey managed to escape through the garage and she ran into the neighborhood for help.

Chris Hanney was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

As for Audrey, she fought to stay alive.  Now, the community is helping her family to survive.

“It took me a year to get disability, which I haven’t even gotten my first check yet.  I haven’t gotten any child support for my two children.  If it hadn’t been for the community, I don’t know where we would have stood financially,” said Mabrey.

Julie Weintraub with the non-profit Hands Across the Bay says Mabrey’s story compelled her to help.  “She was in a coma and she had two little kids she was trying to care for and it just broke my heart and I thought we have got to do soemthing to help her,” said Weintraub of the famed Gold & Diamond Store.

On Friday, Hands Across the Bay partnered with New Port Richey Hyundai to get Audrey out of a rental car.

Scott Fink, the owner of the dealership, handed Audrey the keys to her brand new Hyudai Elantra, along with a check to cover insurance costs.

“When I handed her the keys and I looked in her eyes, I didn’t see the burns.  I didn’t.  I saw an intelligent, vibrant, very pretty woman,” said Fink.

Emotional, with tears streaming down her face, Audrey said, “I never ever thought this would happen to me but more than that, I never thought that eveybody would back me and support they way that they have.”

In addition to the car, Hands Across the Bay has also helped Audrey get a new home recently. Her house in Apollo Beach was condemned after the fire.



“Faith and determination! Thank you Tom, Gary Conners, and Scott Fink you made such a difference in many lives yesterday! Never give up..I was about to quit and take my husband up on his offer to just get a car as I was having no luck with many car dealerships…then this! If we all do our parts to lift up families like this its not to much for anyone!” -Julie Weintraub

“Thank you so much for DONATING my brand new 2010 Hyuandai Elantra! The generosity of this community (Tampa Bay) is unforgettable! Thank you for the $2500 check to pay my insurance for 1 and a half yrs.” -Audrey Mabrey

Julie Weintraub Supports the Chi Chi Rodriguez Academy

Feb 14, 2011 by

Julie Weintraub Supports the Chi Chi Rodriguez Academy

“Watch this touching video about Chi CHi Rodriguez Academy…I spent a day there..yes me…many years ago when caught skipping school…that day changed my life…” -Julie Weintraub

The Chi Chi Rodriguez Academy’s mission is to educate and assist at risk children by improving their self-esteem, character, work ethic, social adjustment, and academic performance using the golf course as a living classroom.