Rooms-To-Go Donation for Audrey

Jul 21, 2010 by

Rooms-To-Go Donation for Audrey

Through Tammy Levent, at her birthday bash, and event sponsor Linda Caivano, ROOMS TO GO donated over $8,000 worth of furniture to Audrey and her children….

Audrey says of the donation to her and her children, “If it wasn’t for Tammy’s second annual birthday bash my family wouldn’t have been blessed with over eight thousand dollars in brand new furniture. Rooms To Go was so gracious and willing to help once she told them my story and I am so thankful. This community is better supported in their time of need thanks to people like Tammy who is willing to reach out and ask for help.”  ”We are very thankful for the beautiful furniture that was given to Audrey, I know she is really enjoying it!! Thank you all!! –Julie Weintraub-Founder of Hands Across The Bay”

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